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Agency Evaluations

The Agency Evaluation is an in-depth analysis of the fire or EMS organization as it stands today in relation to national standards, industry best practices and the experience of JAG consultants. The project is a snapshot in time of the organization, its configuration and governance, programs offered, financial condition, service delivery and response performance among other aspects.
The Agency Evaluation is detailed and comprehensive. The findings are evaluated in a manner that is clear and concise are often useful as the foundation for a long-range Master Plan.

Master Plans

The Master Planning process is designed to assist organizations with first quantifying their current levels and types of service provided to the community. By evaluating service delivery and response performance as well as the cost of various programs, identifying forecast growth in the community and future service demands, the development of sustainable strategies for meeting projected needs can be undertaken.

Strategic Plans

The strategic planning process results in a three-to-five-year work plan, intended to guide the work effort of the entire organization toward a common set of goals and objectives. This process is often undertaken after the Master Planning process has been completed, but does not have to be.
The process includes representation from every major interest group in the organization. Each person in the department should feel that their interests are represented by someone in attendance on the planning team.

Additionally, the right mix of external stakeholders (citizens) are invited to a citizens’ forum to obtain community feedback on the organization and input into its direction. This is particularly useful for elected officials to gauge the level of community support and desire to pay for various services and potential improvements.​​​​​​​

Succession Planning

As more senior and experienced members of public safety organizations retire, a void of institutional experience is created. The JAG team is experienced in guiding organizations through the Succession Planning process.

Safety and Health Analysis

The Agency Health and Safety Evaluation is designed to assess the fire or EMS agency’s current status with a specific focus on responder occupational safety and health. The project takes a detailed “snapshot in time” of the organization, reviews its configuration, programs and performance as it relates to health and safety. The J Angle Group, LLC (JAG) review compares the conditions found with respect to national standards, best practice and the experience of JAG consultants. Recommendations for improvement are provided that will bring your agency into full compliance with the latest applicable standards, laws, and requirements.
The Occupational Health and Safety Focused Agency Evaluation is detailed and comprehensive. The scope of work involves an evaluation of current conditions in the agency as they relate to occupational safety and health.  As training can be closely related to safety, an evaluation of the agency’s training program will also be completed. After the analysis of current situation is completed—the report uses the information gathered to identify and recommend future strategies with which to improve the occupational health and safety programs.

Community Risk Assessment/Standards of Cover

The Community Risk Assessment: Standards of Cover (CRA: SOC) study provides the department with a document that is fully compliant with industry best practices in the field of deployment analysis. This evaluation and analysis of data will be based on nationally recognized guidelines and criteria, including recognized National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) standards, Insurance Services Office (ISO) schedules, any federal and state mandates relative to emergency services, and generally accepted best practices within emergency services.
All methodology used in this Community Risk Assessment: Standards of Cover analysis of the department will follow the methodology described in the Community Risk Assessment: Standards of Cover, 6th Edition, published by the Center for Public Safety Excellence (CPSE).

Benchmarking Studies

JAG can also complete a benchmarking study comparing numerous metrics from your department to other similarly situated organizations. The metrics used and measured in the benchmarking process can be operational, financial  or various combinations pertinent to the individual client.

Special Studies

JAG can develop and conduct customized studies based on your specific needs related to fire protection, EMS delivery, training, prevention and life safety, as well as other public safety topics.

Custom Designed Training

JAG's experienced team can design and deliver a customized training program on a wide variety of subjects related to fire, EMS and emergency management. This can include tactical simulations and live exercises. 

Cooperative Services

The cooperative services analysis is a comprehensive study that examines all alternatives that are available to the agencies involved. Many different options that are available to fire departments when considering consolidation of services are analyzed. Options can range from status-quo and to a complete unification of the organizations into a new emergency service provider. 

“The study of our department by Principal Consultants James Angle and Rick Talbert along with their team was extremely thorough and the report was well-written. We have acted on most recommendations, and we continue to use the report to guide our plans and actions as our combination department continues to mature. We look forward to engaging this team again should we need guidance or assurance.”

Steven W. Bair, EFO, CFO
Fire Director/Chief of Department
Centre Region Council of Governments
​​​​​​​State College, PA